Best iPhone Apps for College Goers

Are you a college student who is bored of spending endless hours in the library? Well, because of the evolution of technology, there are more interactive and fun ways to learn, Old-school approaches to educations can be boring and tedious. You can optimize your college experience with the help of some useful educational apps. Here is a list of the best iPhone applications for college students:

1- Evernote

When you are in a classroom, what do you do apart from waiting for the class to get over? You make notes. Notes are lifesavers for those who procrastinate studying. Do you have finals tomorrow? Well, just refer to the classroom notes and try to memorize whatever you can. With Evernote, you can manage your notes and ace the tests. Add your homework to the checklist, make audio notes in the classroom, and synchronize them across different devices.

2- iStudiez Pro Legend

This application is available on different operating systems such as Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android. With the help of this app, college goers can keep track of their schedules, homework, and results in a single platform. Do you keep forgetting the due dates of your class projects? Well, just open the iStudiez Pro Legend application and check it. You just need to enter all the relevant dates and data, and this application will keep it organized. You can also link your phone’s calendar to this app.

3- Trello

Trello application can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices. With this application, you can collaborate with your classmates and make group projects easily. You can effectively systematize group assignments and delegate tasks while the other members can offer input and comments. With this app, college-goers can also communicate with their fellow mates and keep an eye on what each of them is doing.

4- Offtime

Do you waste too much time on your phone, especially when your finals are nearing? Well, this application is created to help students focus on their real life. It prevents all the programs in the phone from being opened, unless they have been previously approved. Once Offtime act gets activated, all the blacklisted apps will become inaccessible. So, whenever you are going to write that pending college essay, just activate Offtime and it will prevent you from accessing Instagram or Facebook. This way, you can remain distraction-free while attending lectures, doing homework, or studying for an upcoming test.

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