How to Determine and Manage Spotify Data Usage

Spotify is a trending service for streaming online music anywhere on your phone. Since Spotify runs by using the internet like other applications, for example, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. need internet, it is necessary to determine and manage the data usage. There are some factors responsible for data consumption.

Depending on the settings, Spotify uses the amount of data through our mobile phones. It is true that the data is used from the internet service you have and the usage of online streaming music on Spotify can really add up depending upon the time duration of use. It also relies on the quality of the music you are streaming online.

If you are focused on the over-consumption of data, then you can restrict the draining of data. The instructions will tell you the methods to prevent over-consumption of data by Spotify. First, you should know how much a song on Spotify consumes the data on an average.

Let’s see how to determine Spotify data usage

1. Launch the Spotify app on your mobile phone.
2. Now, tap Your Library.
3. Go to the Settings options and tap Music Quality.
4. This where you can determine the music quality and modify it to manage the data usage.

Audio Quality settings of Spotify are as follows

1. Normal quality is around 96 kbps.
2. High quality is around 160 Kbps.
3. Extreme quality is around 302 Kbps.
4. Automatic quality is Spotify’s default setting which is generally around 96 Kbps.

Spotify store cache of the song that you have listened earlier in order to save your data from searching and playing the same song next time. People ask about the data usage per month by Spotify. It also depends upon the music quality you are listening to. With calculations, a person listening to normal quality music for 30 minutes a day will use 0.5GB of data while the Extreme music quality will use 2.2GB in 30 minutes.

How to manage data usage in Spotify
Spotify offline facility
Well, you can listen to the offline as well, but Spotify doesn’t support it. The Spotify premium account holders are allowed to use the offline service. If you have a premium account, then you can save your data by opting for offline music facility.

Spotify Settings option
The Settings will let you adjust the music quality you are comfortable with in accordance with the data usage as well.
1. Launch the Spotify app.
2. Tap Your Library and go to Music Quality.
3. In this section, you will find the options to adjust quality.
4. Choose the Automatic or Normal music quality.
5. This will surely help to save your data.

Spotify is surely a huge platform for sharing and streaming music online, but the consumption of your internet data may be worrying you. But now, as you know the ways to save your data, you can listen to your favorite songs.

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