How to Disable Session Restore Feature in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one most renowned internet software which people use in their computer systems. But some of the users of Firefox web browser have reported that the web browser is reloading the web pages when it is re-launched. The reloading may be a problem in Mozilla Firefox, as sometimes you close the web browser because of slow processing website. Reload again launches the same slow running website and thus creates a frustrating atmosphere.

Well, the famous internet software is allowing the users to disable the web page reload on every re-launch of the web browser. But it requires digging into the settings of the Firefox browser. The Session  Restore feature, which enabled by default, can be disabled through the settings. It might get little tricky for users, hence advised to follow the steps mentioned below to disable the Session Restore Feature in Firefox manually.

Here is how to disable session restore feature in Firefox

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox in your Computer system.
  2. Go to the address bar of the web browser.
  3. Now type about:config in the bar and press Enter button from the keyboard.
  4. The Configuration Editor or the about:config page will open.  It will give you the access to settings of the web browser.
  5. Once you enter in the Configuration Editor, you have access to modify the behavior of the browser.
  6. You may see a warning saying that “This might void your warranty.”
  7. Proceed to click “I’ll be careful, I Promise” option.
  8. Now you will continue to stay on the about:config page.
  9. Go to the search box the top of the window the tab.
  10. Type browser.sessionstore.max_resumed_crashes.
  11. Wait for the search results.
  12. Double click the setting and proceed to the browser.sessionstore.max_resumed_crashes column.
  13. Click the Integer and set it to ‘0’ zero.
  14. Mozilla Firefox web browser may reboot..
  15. Now you will not see reloading of web pages while rebooting.

As you have followed the steps thoroughly, you must have successfully disabled the Session Retire Crash recovery. Now whenever you open the web browser, the previous session will not load and you can begin the new session without any further obstructions.

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